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Follow up on regulations – September 2015

Currently several topics are jostling for attention in the news: the use of insects (or products containing them), the struggle against waste, and the ever increasing valorization of former foodstuffs into animal feed, or the revision of the Legislation on  medicated feed.


During the month of September, two texts dedicated to the use of veterinary medicines in animal production, have been published. Some aspects are directly related to the manufacture of medicated feedingstuffs.


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References of texts published during the past month, along with links for downloading are available via link: www.ovocom.be/Legislation.aspx?lang=fr. The page in question is accessible to all FCA certified and / or ‘Self-checking guide’ for feed, through means of a login and password. If you do not yet have access, you can send an email to info@ovocom.be.

18 Nov 2015


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