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Amendments to various FCA documents: AC-00, AC-02, AC-03, AC-04, BT-01 and BT-14

Six documents belonging to the Feed Chain Alliance Standard (ex. GMP animal feed) (4 from the AC - series and 2 from the BT - series) have been amended.


The adapted FCA documents are:


  • AC-00 : Introduction ;
  • AC-02 : Production of animal feed ;
  • AC-03 : Trade in animal feed ;
  • AC-04 : Storage and Transshipment of animal feed ;
  • BT-01 : Additional standards for animal feed and “by-products for reprocessing” ;
  • BT-14 : Negative list


The amendments made to the first 4 documents (AC – series) have been initiated by the publication of Regulation (EU) No 2015/1905 which reviewed the ‘dioxin’ monitoring implemented at European level.


Following the OVOCOM technical workgroup, the FCA documents BT-01 and BT-14 have been amended.


The adaptation of document BT-01 concerns the action limits as well as the rejection limits for the polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) which have been amended from HAP 12 to HAP 4.

In document BT-14, a list of prohibited fuels for direct drying combustibles have been included in order to be consistent with other systems.


For more details regarding these changes, please consult our web site.


The latest amendments to each document have been highlight in grey. These FCA documents are also consultable in a version without visible changes.

23 Dec 2015


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