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Dutch dairy industry accepts FCA certification for the delivery of animal feed to Dutch dairy farmers

As of 1 January 2016 new requirements will take effect for all suppliers delivering animal feed to Dutch dairy farmers. All suppliers shall be published on a “white list”.


Today, NZO (Nederlandse Zuivel Organisatie – Dutch dairy industry) has announced that the FCA certified companies are compliant with criteria relating to an approved feed safety system (first requirements) on the condition that a number of agreements are respected. FCA Certified companies who directly supply animal feed to Dutch dairy farmers and which comply with all OVOCOM requirements, shall via OVOCOM, be included on the white list of suppliers.


This decision was taken following the realization of an independent audit performed at the OVOCOM premises commissioned by the NZO. A concrete action plan, which also includes intermediary assessments, was approved.


A second requirement is that the verification of the insurance as regards the product liability must be performed by an approved auditor (e.g. CRAFT or Van Breda).


For a third requirement, i.e. sustainable Soy, no final agreement has yet been reached. Further consultations on this subject shall take place next week.


OVOCOM coordinates the composition of the “white list” for FCA certified companies as regards the different requirements (www.ovocom.be/whitelist).


FCA certified companies, complying with the requirements, are included on the ‘white list’ of the Dutch dairy industry. This white list will be posted, on the first business day of January, on the NZO website (www.nzo.nl/documenten).


FCA certified companies, which deliver directly to Dutch dairy farmers, and are compliant with the requirements are advised to get in touch either via info@ovocom.be or telephone number: 02/514.01.86.

31 Dec 2015


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