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Legislation : Overview 2015


Weekly overview

As you probably already know, all FCA certified participants, as well as approved certification bodies and registered consultants have access to a weekly overview of the sector-based legislation published during the past week.


The European, Belgian and French legislation, is reviewed on a weekly basis and the result of our selection is published in French, Dutch and English.


At the forefront of legislative news

It is with pleasure that we offer this service. FCA companies, auditors and consultants have thus the opportunity  to be informed directly of relevant information applicable to them, without they themselves having to browse different information sources.


As for OVOCOM, it will allow us to remain at the forefront of knowledge and, if necessary, adjust our different Standards (FCA, CC-03 or OVC-04).


As an example,  the recent Regulation No 2015/1905 on European ‘dioxin’ monitoring has already been fully integrated in the A series of the FCA documents (not to be confused with the additional monitoring with European requirements, implemented in document   FCA BT-15, and which is currently being evaluated).


Yearly overview

A New year also means that a new page ‘Legislation 2016’ has been launched on our website web.

In order for you to continue to have rapid access to the Legislation of previous years, we have collated all weekly overviews in one single document which you are able to consult in the section ‘archives’ of this specific page. We have applied the same method for the ‘Focus’ points of 2015 which shall also remain available for consultation.


To search for a specific document, we recommend that you use the ‘search’ function of the software by carefully choosing the keyword to search.


Preferential access via login and password.


References of all texts published over the course of the year, along with links to download, and also archives of past years, are available via link : www.ovocom.be/Legislation.


This page is accessible to all FCA certified and / or ‘Self-checking guide’ for feed, through means of a login and password. If you do not yet have access, you can send an email to info@ovocom.be.

19 Jan 2016


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