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Notification of incidents to OVOCOM

An effective incident and crisis management is essential to ensure the food safety and credibility of the entire ‘feed’ chain. A rapid and adequate approach prevents potential damage and leads to a strengthened confidence within the sector. To this end, good communication is necessary between FCA certified companies, certification bodies and OVOCOM.


In 2015, OVOCOM has developed a new document that focuses on this subject :

 ‘BT-17 : Incident and crisis management’.


This document provides practical guidelines for the application of principles already present for many years in the system. These new modalities are applicable since  1/01/2016, which entails implications for FCA companies belonging to the feed sector. Remember to adapt your procedures !


What has changed for FCA certified companies since 1/01/2016 ?


For certain incidents, an FCA certified company is now always required to contact OVOCOM and its certification body (CB).


When to notify ?


Depending on the type of incident notification will be either mandatory or optional. You will find more information on this subject in document BT-17.


In case of a notification requirement (such as e.g. a crisis or exceeding of standards), OVOCOM must be informed in writing no later than 48 hours following the initial determination.


Who must be informed ?


  • OVOCOM ;
  • your certification body ;
  • the Competent Authority.


You are not always obliged to notify  all these instances. Read document BT-17 for more information.


What kind of information should be communicated?


Minimal information is required in order to properly understand the incident. Therefore, the company must at least communicate the following information:


  • Company information;
  • Data relating to the product ;
  • Origin of product ;
  • Location of product ;
  • Nature of the problem ;
  • Data relating to the analysis ;
  • Measures taken.


In order to transmit the above information you can either use/ develop you own form, or you can use an already existing for ( such as e.g. the notification formation included in document document AT-02).

20 Jan 2016


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