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Communication to OVOCOM

With this newsletter we would like to provide you with an overview of the mandatory communication which is to be sent to OVOCOM upon purchase of animal feed:


  • According to the Gatekeeper-principle;
  • Via Specific Purchase Protocols; or
  • Via Temporary monitoring.


Mandatory communication to OVOCOM upon application of the Gatekeeper principle (BT-02, point 6.1)


Does your company apply the Gatekeeper principle for the purchase of feed materials? If so, we would like to ask you to provide us, every six months, the following information.


Per imported feed material:

  • Name of feed material (product name and possibly brand name);
  • Origin of feed material or importing country;
  • tonnage for that period;
  • tonnage (average) per import.


In order to enable proper processing of all data, we would like to ask you to communicate, during the month of January 2016, all data for the period of July 1 through December 31, 2015.


Mandatory communication to OVOCOM upon application of the Specific Purchase Protocols (BT-04, module 1, 2 or 3)



Do you wish to apply a specific module, then you must, prior to the first purchase, notify OVOCOM (and your certification body). We would also like to be informed if you no longer wish to apply such protocol.


You can do this by sending an email to info@ovocom.be with mention of the feed material and its origin (module 1 and 2), (former) foodstuffs or by-products for reprocessing (module 3).



  • Module 1 (specific)

Any delivery of products, covered by this Protocol, shall be communicated to OVOCOM, together with the analysis results once they are known.


  • Module 2

Any delivery of products, covered by this Protocol, accompanied by the analysis results, shall be communicated to OVOCOM, and this at least once per quarter.


The analysis results of sorting residues derived from feed materials, and sieving residues derived from compound feed, must be communicated to OVOCOM, when the latter receives a destination other than the one provided in this module.


  • Module 3

You are required to send, to OVOCOM (info@ovocom.be) (and to your certification body), the product specifications and /or processing sheet after the initial audit and prior to the first delivery. Subsequently, you are required to send the document (s) upon any modification, at least once every 3 years. You are not obliged to send the analysis results of the monitoring.


Mandatory communication to OVOCOM upon application of the temporary monitoring of Aflatoxin B1 in maize (BT-16, Module 1)


FCA certified companies are required to communicate, to OVOCOM (info@ovocom.be), all analysis results derived from the application of this protocol.


This applies both in the case where an FCA certified company orders the analysis, as well as in the case where an FCA certified company receives the analysis results from his supplier.

Note: This protocol - and hence the communication to OVOCOM – also applies when maize is transported by truck (road transport), directly from companies located in the region or in countries classified as ‘high risk’ or ‘medium risk’ as defined in point 2.3 of the FCA-document BT-16).


The following information must at least be communicated:

  • Product;
  • Transport means;
  • Batch number;
  • Date of sampling;
  • origin (country where maize is cultivated);
  • Analysis results.


Do you still have results, such as e.g. those received from suppliers which you have not yet submitted to OVOCOM? As is required by Document BT-16, we would kindly ask you to send them as soon as possible via email address: info@ovocom.be .


You will find all these purchase-specific information in the related documents.

21 Jan 2016


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