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Change in connection with transport for own account

In practice it is not always easy to determine whether or not a particular transport section should be part of the FCA certification inherent to a company.


For example, there is the concrete question as to whether transportation of small quantities of bagged goods for own account, should be FCA certified or not.  


In order to clarify the situation, a change in document FCA “BC-05 – Road transport of animal feed or ‘by-products for reprocessing’: Complementary provisions has been published.


The adjustment implies that transportation consisting exclusively of animal feed and/or ‘by-products for reprocessing’ packaged and carried out for own account in a vehicle of which the Maximum Authorized Mass (MMA) does not exceed 3500kg (= category C permit not required), may possibly be excluded from the FCA certification scope of the company.


The changes in this document are marked in grey text. This FCA document is also consultable in a version without indicated changes.

04 Feb 2016


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