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582 participants in sector-based monitoring

One of the pillars of the Feed Chain Alliance Standard is to implement a mandatory and well- founded monitoring plan.


The hazard analysis and control plan should always be performed at company level, but in some cases, companies may join forces and work together in order to perform a better monitoring of certain feed-hazard combinations as part of a sector-based monitoring plan.


That way, the analysis results are collectively shared by all participants,  and knowledge relating to hazard analysis, emerging risks… is made available within the animal feed chain.


Following internal assessment, OVOCOM has currently accepted 3 sector-based monitoring plans, proposed by 3 different associations, namely the Bemefa monitoring plan (compound feed/pet food), from KVBM (By-products from the milling industry) and from Synagra (collection of cereals, pulses and oil seeds).


OVOCOM also participates in various work groups organized by the professional associations and by the competent authorities with the objective to support companies and to re-evaluate the hazard analysis.


The control pressure exerted collectively by these 3 plans, reinforces even further the individual efforts made by companies. For example, through these sector-based monitoring plans, nearly 2900 samples (*), originating from almost 600 participants, are analyzed on a yearly basis.  





(*) Different parameters can be examined on the basis of one single sample (eg. > 200 residues in the case of pesticides, multiple mycotoxins during screening)

09 Feb 2016


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