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Inspection of meat stores : modifications

The security and quality of animal feed are the main priorities of FCA certified companies. A thorough monitoring is required as well as a control of the purchases.


Since 2005, OVOCOM has implemented an inspection system for meat stores producing category 3-materials intended for animal feed (pet animals or production of  raw materials (e.g. grease)).


This concerns both, local butchers as well as butchery departments in supermarkets.

In order to follow the evolution as regards the legislation (description of new category 3 material), documents FCA ‘BC-10 – Meat stores producing category 3 material - Technical prescriptions’ and ‘CC-03 – Inspection Regulation for meat stores’ have been modified.

The main changes are :

  • Taking into account the introduction of new Category 3 material as a result of the amended definition regarding the specified risk material (or SRM : the attention of operators and inspectors is mainly focused on the origin of the animals (status of the Member State of origin);
  • Clarification as regards the mention relating to the destination of Category 3 material in the contract with the collector : the contract may simply refer systematically to the commercial document;
  • Introduction of a new type of participant, meat stores with no quality system nor valid self-checking guide in place : in this case, the unannounced inspection frequency of the operator shall go from 1 x/year to 1 x/6 months.


Technical modification relating to the definition of SRM shall apply immediately. Modifications linked to the contract with the collector or the inspection frequency with the inspection bodies shall apply no later than 1/07/2016. A faster application is possible if all parties are compliant with the conditions mentioned in the documents.


The amendments in this document are highlighted in grey market text in the 2 FCA documents. These 2 FCA documents are also available in a version without indicated changes.

29 Feb 2016


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