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Summary ”RASFF notifications 2016” No. 1

The summary of 2016 is based on the same pattern as the summary of 2015, except that the list of countries where the product was distributed, has somewhat expanded. It is now possibility to determine whether the product has gone beyond the EU borders, but also whether the product concerned more specifically Germany, Belgium, France and/or the Netherlands.


The object is not to be exhaustive. The option to include one or other notification shall depend on the assessment of the hazard and product. It is for this reason that microbiological issues related to fish or meat based food products are not registered. This is a well known issue.


Also in 2016, we shall remain interested in products, intended for human consumption, and which have been the object of a RASFF Notification, on the condition that:

  • The foodstuffs may also be used in animal feed (rice or bakery products e.g.) and;
  • The identified hazard remains relevant even when the foodstuffs are used as animal feed.


Just like in previous years, you may, from the headings of each column, select and sort, any information which you may find relevant (e.g. all notifications considered as « Alert », all notifications relating to a group of products, all notifications concerning a same code for feed materials, etc.) The column « Remarks » had been used, when necessary, to complement the information in the RASFF notification.


Here below, we provide you with some findings which we believe are worthwhile communicating. Naturally this choice, like any choice, remains subjective, as the Excel spreadsheet allows for yet other possibilities.

  • The 2016 table, put at your disposal, already contains more than 156 hazard/product combinations, of which 112 related to « food » products whose use in feed is possible (either directly, or after processing (former foodstuffs such as biscuits, breakfast cereals, pasta, etc)).
  • During the past 2 months, there was no mention of a feed additive, premixture or compound feed. 34 ‘feed’ combination related to feed materials and 10 related to ‘petfood’.
  • Thanks to our follow-up, we were able to observe the following issues in feed materials:


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You will find all necessary explanations as well as a summary on our website page dedicated to this subject: http://www.ovocom.be/RASFF. This document is consultable through means of a login and password (plus d’infos).


If you do not yet have a password, you can request one by sending an Email to info@ovocom.be.

22 Mar 2016


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