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Revision of FCA-document ‘CC-01: Certification Rules’

The Certification Rules of the FCA Standard has been modified with respect to the following subjects :


1. Mention, on the certificate, of the VAT number and Establishment Unit Number (or equivalent). In the future a FCA certification should always contain two Identification numbers of a company that is FCA certified. This is to avoid any ambiguity in the identification of FCA certified companies.

2. Guaranteed intermediate traders. Guaranteed intermediate traders are now subject to the same contribution system as companies carrying out other trade activities.


3. A Storage Site having as sole activity ‘storage and transshipment’ for own account in a multisite company.

Certain companies have a storage site, intended only for storage and transhipment for account of that same multisite. No any specific application scope is provided for such an activity within the FCA Standard. The Certification Rules now offers an answer.


For more details regarding these changes we refer to our webpage “Feed Chain Alliance-documenten” where you can download the new version of the Certification Rules. The changes in this document are  highlighted in grey text. This FCA document is also available in a version without indicated changes.

26 May 2016


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