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High level of zearalenone in soybean products (origin: Argentina)

In addition to our previous newsletter (No. 44) relating to the presence of the mycotoxin zearalenone (ZEA), we recommend that companies pay particular attention to all soya products originating from Argentina.

Due to the climatic conditions in that country, levels of mycotoxines, and more specifically zearalenone, observed in soya-been hulls (up to 4,96 ppm), but also in soya meal (up to 0,357 ppm) may require precautions for use depending on their final destination.

Such products are currently available on the market (including Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom).


As a reminder, ZEA is a mycotoxin that has a negative influence at the level of  animal reproduction (e.g. fertility).


From a legal standpoint, there are no standard nor action thresholds fixed for this mycotoxin in soya or soya-based products. Nevertheless, in view of the levels observed, caution should be exercised when using these products, together or separately (incorporation in compound feed or direct sale to breeders) in order for the content of compound feed/rations, which will eventually be given to animals, presents acceptable ZEA levels (different depending o the target animal).


Here it is essential to ensure that correct information is provided for potential users of lots presenting a high level of ZEA.


All standard and action thresholds applicable in the FCA Standard, including for ZEA, are contained in document ‘BT-01: Normes complémentaires pour les aliments pour animaux et les flux connexes à transformer’.


08 Jul 2016


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