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The European Commission praises the Belgian cooperation between the government and the animal feed industry

From 26 – 30th of October 2015, the Food and Veterinary Office (FVO) of the European Commission organized a study visit to Belgium. Within that context, OVOCOM had the honor of hosting the FVO. This study aims to assess the interaction between the system of official controls and the private for the feed sector.


In addition, the FVO also wanted to gauge the possible advantages and disadvantages relating to such cooperation. A third objective was to identify the good practices and to share as well as promote them in other Member States.


According to a report, recently published by the FVO, it seems that Belgium is relatively advanced in terms of official controls in the Feed Sector. In its report, the FVO also refers to the proactive collaboration between the Belgian feed sector and the competent authorities in view of increasing confidence in the Belgian feed security.


The collaboration has, amongst others, resulted in the Self-checking guide Animal Feed and the Feed Chain Alliance Standard. In its report the FVO concludes that: “ As these Guides, STS and the certification bodies involved are subject to validation, approval and on-going scrutiny by the competent authorities, and are accredited in accordance with relevant ISO standards, this has helped build confidence in their performance and integrity and has enabled the operator with a high level of compliance to benefit from a significant reduction in the number of official inspections and samples and in the fees payable for these activities “.


The following good practices have, among others, been identified:

  • Close interaction between the Feed sector and the competent Authorities;
  • Undertakings to share relevant information;
  • Incorporation of relevant EU and national Legal requirements in terms the Self-checking guides;
  • Measures to ensure certification bodies carry out their tasks to a high standard;
  • Possibility to take action if deficiencies are found in this respect.
18 Jul 2016


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