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Companies in the food industry

The food industry also produces a lot of by-products as well as co-products,  which may be reused in feed.


These raw materials come from many sectors (sugar factories, mills, malting facilities, oil mills, dairy companies, fisheries, slaughterhouses, etc) and may enter into the composition of many kinds of feed (for farmed as well as for pet animals). Given the great diversity of this sector, OVOCOM has implemented a certification that responds perfectly to the specific needs of such industry.


For this particular reason the FCA Standard makes a distinction between feed materials and ‘by-products for reprocessing’  (raw materials containing packaging residues e.g.). Such approach is unique within Europe.



Products  composed of/or containing  ingredients of animal origin 

Products of plant origin

Raw materials from animal origin are obtained from the processing of animal products (eggs, milk, meat, aquaculture, fishing, insects, etc). Their specific nature also imposes very specific requirements.


It concerns products  obtained from the processing of  cultivated products.  These are numerous. Many come from the European Union (cereals, beets, potatoes, colza (rapeseed), flax, etc) and are often processed in close proximity to breeding farms.




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