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What is the lab tool?

The lab tool is a database containing a list of qualified laboratories which are authorized to perform specific analysis for the feed sector. It also allows you to find, in a quick and easy manner, any data from laboratories or discover which laboratory shall perform analysis for a specific parameter.







Lab tool for companies



Lab tool for laboratories

The Lab tool for companies



A laboratory will be able to demonstrate the reliability of its tests in 3 ways: by being accredited, by obtaining an approval issued by the competent authority or by participating in ring tests



An accreditation is an attestation, whereby the conformity of a laboratory with specific requirements,  such as technical competencies and independence, is formally recognized. The attestation is issued by a third party, the national accreditation body. A laboratory will only obtain such attestation following a thorough audit performed by the national accreditation body.

National accreditation body:


An approval is granted by the competent national authority (in Belgium : FASFC) if specific requirements are met.

Ring test

A ring test is a comparative research. Several laboratories perform the analysis of a specific parameter. An independent third party shall compare the analysis results. Thus, the ring tests ensures  the quality of the measuring methods.

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Lab tool for laboratories


Why register your Laboratory in the Lab tool?



Fast and easy A unique approach
Fast and easy to be used by companies belonging to the sector Search function based on matrix and/or parameter

Increased business opportunities Greater visibility
You will draw, in a targeted manner, new customers Visibility of your laboratory at sector level




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How to enter my competencies?


Enter your Competencies


For more info, kindly consult our Lab tool manual.


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