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About us

OVOCOM is the Belgian consultation platform intended for the feed sector. In order to achieve this goal we are committed to, day in, day out, provide feed companies with a feed safety system that is reliable, credible and affordable.


OVOCOM was founded in 2001 through close cooperation with the four links of the feed chain (feed industry, trade, transport, food industry). They all shared the same vision: to ensure feed safety and quality throughout the entire chain of production, trade, storage and transport.

Our 3 basic principles






OVOCOM manages the Feed Chain Alliance Standard, which serves as a guide line for companies belonging to the feed sector. The Standard is specifically designed for and by professionals belonging to this sector.

To ensure the high quality of our standard, we call upon independant accredited certification or inspection bodies to monitor the compliance with our standard. Certification bodies have been carefully selected through means of an approval procedure.

In addition, we support companies in the development of their quality system, by making available an extensive database containing documents, training courses and a professional helpdesk.

At Belgian level, we manage the Self-Checking Guide Feed (G-001), which aims at helping companies in preparing and implementing their own Self-Checking Guide.




Our knowledge is entirely dedicated to the service of the sector. Indeed, our know-how forms the basis of the FCA documents, which have been drafted and updated in close collaboration with the sectors concerned. That way we are able to respond immediately to changes as regards the sector or legislation.

Our team of specialists consists entirely of native speakers (EN – FR – NL). Moreover, all Feed Chain Alliance documents and all notices are drafted in 3 different languages.




Our commitment to the feed sector is however not limited to the management of the Feed Chain Alliance Standard.

In addition to the monitoring of the legislation, we offer yet a wide range of other services, from sector-based HACCP plans to a regular synthesis of the European RASFF notifications.

For any questions or comments, you can contact our helpdesk (EN – FR – NL), which consists of a team of technical and administrative specialists, each having their own field of expertise. Finally, we also offer a diverse program of training courses. Both the training sessions as all as any documentation is fully available in Dutch or French.


Our standards



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