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What is the Feed Chain Alliance Standard?


That can OVOCOM do for you? And what are the advantages of the Feed Chain Alliance Standard? In this video, you will learn more about the OVOCOM mission statement. You will also discover how the Feed Chain Alliance Standard can help you ensure feed security, and which are the benefits of an FCA certification.



Monitoring and sampling


The Feed Chain Alliance Standard attaches great importance to sampling and monitoring. This is logical because correct sampling and monitoring  help ensure the safety of your products. In this video, OVOCOM CEO Bart Verhulst discusses the importance of sampling and monitoring.

The importance of OVOCOM


OVOCOM and its four feed safety standards are invaluable for the feed sector. Patrick Vanden Avenne, CEO of one of Belgiums major compound feed companies, explains why. 



OVOCOM and the chain approach


OVOCOM was founded in 2001 through close cooperation with the four links of the feed chain (feed industry, trade, transport, food industry). They all shared the same vision: to ensure feed safety and quality throughout the entire chain of production, trade, storage and transport.


In this video, various representatives of these links indicate the importance of feed safety of and the role of the Feed Chain Alliance Standard.




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